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Routing Guide & Documentation Requirements

Last updated August 15, 2016

Starboard Cruise Services has prepared detailed shipping & routing instructions for vendors. The routing instructions and specific requirements concerning documentation are detailed in the following guide:

Forward_3.gif Important Notice for Starboard Vendors -

New U.S. CUSTOMS and BORDER PROTECTION (CBP) Security Filing and Additional Carrier Requirements for ALL OCEAN SHIPMENTS. Per the new rule, ISF - 10+2 initiative, importers/agents are required to provide 10 data elements to CPB no later than 24 hrs prior loading of cargo.  Rule is in effect as of Jan 26, 2009 with full compliance date of Jan 26th 2010.  Starboard is requiring vendor's compliance to this requirement without penalty through Jan 4, 2010. Full compliance on Starboard shipments is required as of Jan 4,2010.
See Complete information

Forward_3.gifAll shipments departing from vendor on August 15th, 2005, or later, must be in compliance with the new USDA Wooden Packaging Material Regulation.  This includes Stock and Cross Dock orders to the Distribution Center, and DSDs from ALL origins, domestic and international.  USDA Wood Packaging Material Regulation requires that wooden packing materials such as pallets, crates, boxes, and dunnage be either heat treated or fumigated with methyl bromide, in accordance with the IPPC guidelines and marked with an approved international mark certifying treatment.  See Guidelines, Final Rule, and STB Letter documents.

Forward_3.gifImportant Notice for Starboard Vendors - Effective, December 12th, 2003 -  All food and beverage products shipped to the United States must meet FDA requirements.  See Routing & Documentation section for more details.

Shipping Forms

Starboard vendors shipping from all origins are required to send below forms to Starboard Logistics to arrange transportation or provide shipment pre-alert notification. 

Routing Guides and Documentation Requirements

For further assistance with routing and documentation, please contact the Starboard Inbound Logistics at


Inbound Logistics Organization Chart


Customs Documentation Requirements   (last updated 01/30/2003)

Click on the Starboard Customs Matrix for review of documentation requirements for customs purposes.  

Customs Matrix

U.S. Customs 24-Hour Advance Vessel Manifest Rule  (added 01/30/2003)
Enforcement of U.S. Customs Service 24-Hour Advance Vessel Manifest Rule starts February 2, 2003.  The 24-Hour Advance Vessel Manifest Rule requires vessels bound for U.S. ports and territories to provide U.S. Customs with detailed manifest information 24 hours before cargo is loaded on the vessel.  The purpose of the new rule is to screen cargo before it is loaded so that U.S. Customs can decide on its loading/no loading status in advance.  This has been worked out in conjunction with the CSI (Container Security Initiative) and the C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) program as part of Homeland Security.  

Food and Beverage Products (including Alcoholic Beverages). All food and beverage products shipped to the United States must meet FDA requirements. The Seller hereby guarantees that, as of the date of shipment or delivery, the food products comprising the shipment or delivery are not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, and are not articles which may not, under the provisions of section 404 the Act, be introduced into interstate commerce. In cases in which the Buyer has supplied to the Seller the design for the product in accordance with paragraph 10 (Designs), the Seller shall be responsible for furnishing the Buyer with required ingredient and nutrition information for purposes of composing labeling that complies with FDA regulations.

All products that are covered under the Food and Drug Administration's Bio-Terrorism  Act must comply with all of the requirements of the act including, but not limited to the  registration and prior notice regulations of such act.  All vendors, whether pre-paid or collect must advise Starboard Cruise Services, Inc. prior to a shipment leaving the port of export to the United States of all pertinent information required for prior notice filing and in accordance with the time frames of the FDA Act.  Any shipments that are scheduled to arrive in the United States between Midnight on a Friday thru the week-end and to the following Monday Noon (EST) must have the Prior Notice submitted by Noon on the Friday prior to the arrival.  Shipments due to arrive on a holiday must have prior notice submitted 24 hours in advance of the holiday. If the holiday falls on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday, the Prior Notice must be submitted by Noon (EST) on the Thursday prior to the arrival. Prior Notice information must be sent electronically to: and

Any vendor not complying with the laws of the FDA Bio-Terrorism Act will be subject to significant vendor compliance charge backs as determined by Starboard Cruise Services, Inc.  In addition to charge backs, the vendor will be subject to all civil and criminal punitive actions that may be assessed by the FDA for non-compliance.

For more information on the FDA Bio-Terrorism Act, please see the FDA website at:

For more information see:


Document Downloads  (last updated 03/23/2011

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Customs Matrix Microsoft Word document
PURF ( Pick-up Request Form)  Excel spreadsheet
SNF (Shipping Notification Form Excel spreadsheet
DSDF (C) (Direct Store Delivery Form - Terms Collect) Excel spreadsheet
DSDF (P) (Direct Store Delivery Form - Terms Prepaid) Excel spreadsheet
Organization Chart PowerPoint document
Routing Guide Microsoft Word document

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