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Last updated April 9, 2008


To Our Valued Vendor Partners:

Please review in detail and ensure that those in your organization responsible are familiar with these guidelines.

Ship Windows: The measurement tool is an industry standard…Start Ship Date & Order Cancelled On date.  This “window” requires you to have merchandise available to Starboard for Pick Up or for delivery to your carrier/consolidator anytime within those dates without penalty.  If shipment is not made available or not delivered to the carrier/consolidator before the cancel date or is tendered in advance of scheduled start date, a cost recovery penalty will be invoked at the rate of 5% of cost value.  See Terms and Conditions: Time of Delivery

Merchandise Quality: Damaged, Defective, Expired, or Expiration Date not within Starboard and Vendor Shelf Life agreement when received.  Starboard shall have the right to inspect the Goods, including any samples thereof, before accepting delivery and/or during QA process in receiving area. If the Goods are defective, damaged, expired, or fail to conform in all respects with the Seller’s representations and warranties in the Order, have been shipped in variation of the quantities ordered, substituted for Goods ordered, not shipped in standard containers approved by the Starboard, or otherwise strictly in accordance with specifications shown on the face of the Order or other agreement between Starboard and Vendor, the Starboard may, at its option:

  • return such Goods at the Seller’s expense;
  • hold such Goods subject to the Seller’s order, expense and risk; or
  • cancel the Order and obtain reimbursement for the reduced value of any non-conforming Goods or subtract such amount from any amounts then owing or thereafter owed the Seller or its affiliated persons or entities. No rights or remedies under the Order or otherwise given by applicable law shall be waived by the Buyer’s acceptance of the Goods.
  • impose a Chargeback fee to the vendor for the greater of $500 or 5% of the cost of merchandise on the Purchase Order.

Fill Rate: Fill rate will measure your performance against actual items and quantities on the original purchase order that are shipped on time.  Fill Rate will measure a 90% rate at the Purchase Order level, not the line item level.  A 5% cost of goods penalty will be incurred if goods received fall below 90% of those goods ordered.     See Terms and Conditions: Fill Rate of Orders

Required Documentation: Starboard needs accurate paperwork from you in order to clear customs and receive product.  If that paperwork is missing, missing specifically required information, or inaccurate, a minimum chargeback of $500 will be incurred per document. See Routing and Documentation Section: Routing Guide

Substitutions:  When an unauthorized substitution is shipped, the shipment is prevented from being booked into the warehouse on a timely basis, and causes additional paperwork and expense.  Thus, you must ensure PO’s are filled with items as ordered to Starboard. Substituted merchandise is always automatically rejected by Starboard, without the need for notice from Starboard or any other action. Even if Starboard may be deemed, under applicable law, to have “accepted” substituted merchandise, Starboard may reject the substituted merchandise at any time after the deemed acceptance. Starboard shall have no obligation to notify the vendor of any rejection.  No substitutions will be accepted, please refer to the acknowledgement letter your company has signed for further details. 

Multiple Shipments/Backorders:  When more than one shipment is made against a purchase order, it increases the overall freight cost of the merchandise and processing costs.  Therefore, you must ensure PO’s are tendered complete to Starboard at time of pickup or delivery.  A penalty will be incurred for Multiple Shipments/Backorders.  Please do not ship multiple shipments or backorders.  See Terms and Conditions: Fill Rate of Orders

Shipping Instructions:  As a reminder, goods shall be prepared for shipment according to standard commercial practice and packed adequately to ensure safe arrival.  Vendors shipping Prepaid using their own carrier or truck (where Starboard is not responsible for the freight charges) are still required to follow this Vendor Manual in terms of carton marking, document requirements, Routing Guide, and contacting Starboard Logistics prior to shipping.  Starboard Logistics Department must receive the Shipping Notification Form showing the carrier to be used along with the necessary documents prior to the shipment.  Starboard Logistics Department will validate the PO and assign Load Number(s) to each unique shipment once determining the shipment is valid.  Upon receipt of Load Number(s), you may ship the merchandise with the bill of lading clearly marked with the Load Number(s).  A signed bill of lading displaying the carrier’s Pro Number should be faxed to Starboard Logistics the day after pick-up for tracing purposes.  Specific requirements for Collect and Direct Ship Delivery shipments are also located in the Routing Guide and Documentation Section.   See Routing and Documentation Section: Routing Guide

Item Marking: In addition, we want to call your attention to some of the merchandise marking requirements.  Merchandise must be ticketed with a UPC or EAN bar code- this is a prerequisite for doing business with Starboard.  A series of general application and formal requirements for ticketing are outlined in the online Vendor Manual, Item Marking Guidelines section.  These include guidelines for hang tags and sticky tags-ticketing standards based on the type of merchandise, e.g. garments, leather goods, jewelry, etc., concerning where to place the ticket on the merchandise and the specific information to be included.  For all merchandise, the recommended marking approach is for suppliers to incorporate the UPC or EAN symbols into existing tags, tickets, or packaging.  If this is not possible, then an attached hang tag or sticky ticket is required.  If you are not working with UPC or EAN codes at this time, we recommend becoming a member of your regional UPC or EAN numbering organization.  We have incorporated an easy method for our vendors to order tickets via the online Vendor Manual.  Paxar Monarch is the selected supplier of Starboard labeling and item ticketing worldwide.  You simply click on the Paxar website shown in the Item Marking Guideline section of the manual, and this link will provide access to the pre-ticketing order form. A cost recovery penalty of $70.00, plus $.50 per ticket or a minimum of $150 per PO, which ever is greater, will be applied to purchase orders not marked per specs as set forth in this manual.   See Item Marking Guidelines

Carton Packing and Marking:  Specific requirements exist for packing of merchandise in cartons, carton material, maximum carton weight, and sizes.  Cartons must be marked with specific information such as Purchase Order Number, Starboard SKU#, Quantity, Weight, Carton Count, ...etc.  See Carton Packing and Marking Guidelines

FDA Bio-Terrorism Act: Violations for non-compliance to the FDA BT Act, specifically Facility Registration and Prior Notice Requirement will incur a minimum $1,000 fee per FDA product type.  Additional fees may be incurred for detention, examination, seizure, storage, handling, transportation and any other charges associated with the shipment as deemed applicable by Starboard Cruise Services, Inc.  Additional fees include and are not limited to any civil or criminal sanctions that may be imposed as a result of non-compliance.

We feel that this partnership and compliance program is reasonable and actionable and will allow us to move your merchandise into our stores quickly and within the agreed-upon time frame, at the agreed quantity, and with the proper paperwork. I look forward to your continued support and our mutual long term success.


Keith Sartin

Vice President of Logistics


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