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1. What is the objective of Starboard's Vendor Compliance Program?

          To streamline logistics processes so the right merchandise is available for sale to our customers at the right time and place without undue costs ensuring a quality retail experience which in turn benefits Starboard and our vendors.


2. Why are cost recovery fees imposed on vendor shipments that are not in compliance with Starboard's set of guidelines?

          Shipments that do not comply with the guidelines result in additional processing time and costs incurred to correct the error and/or to obtain missing information, the risk of delays, holds, and fines imposed by Customs on imports, the risk of mis-shipment of improperly marked deliveries, loss of sales due to not having merchandise on selling floor,...etc.  The cost recovery fee is imposed to recover these costs, delays, and losses.  


3.  As a vendor, are my shipments subject to cost recovery fees even though I have not signed an agreement specific to vendor compliance?

          Yes.  All shipments to Starboard must be in compliance with the guidelines set forth in the online vendor manual or are subject to cost recovery fees.  By acceptance of a Starboard Purchase Order, a vendor is committing to ship the order in accordance with these guidelines.


4.  Will Starboard call me to notify me of a non-compliance on a shipment received before the cost recovery fee is applied?

          No.  The volume of merchandise shipments received and processing of these does not allow for Starboard to contact each vendor about a non-compliance and cost recovery fee.  Notification to the vendor is provided through the monthly Vendor Compliance statements sent via U.S. Mail at the start of each month.


5.  What is the timeline for processing cost recovery fees?

          Invoicing of cost recovery fees is processed at the beginning of the month following the receipt of the shipment.

Process is as follows:

          A - System validates that the shipment meets the Ship Window and Fill Rate requirement. 

          B - Shipment markings, documentation, contents, ...etc are validated upon receipt in the Distribution Center.

          C -  Non-Compliances and discrepancies are documented, action is taken to correct non-compliances and continue to process the shipment.

          D - Transaction on the non-compliance is entered into Starboard's Vendor Compliance application.

          E -  At the start of the new month, invoicing of all transactions entered on shipments received during the ending month are triggered.

          F -  At the start of the new month, a Vendor Compliance Monthly Summary statement with shipment details is sent to all vendor's incurring cost recovery fees on shipments received during the ending month.

          F - Cost Recovery Fees are reflected in vendor's next scheduled payment.

     - Note.  If the shipment is received during that last week of the month, the timeline of the process described above, may be extended by an additional month.


6.  How is a vendor notified of a non-compliance on a shipment?

          Via the Monthly Summary Statement sent at the start of the new month.


7.  How can a vendor dispute or request more information about a non-compliance cost recovery fee incurred?

          Please address inquiries via email to